Wire Joining & Crimping
Picture of Ezemate Chain Diverter
EzeMate Chain Diverter (FEZ00100)

Picture of Fastlok Pottle of 20
Fastlok Wire Joiner - Pottle Of 20 (FWC00092)

Picture of J-Bolt Wire Clamp Bag 10
J-Bolt Wire Clamp - Bag of 10 (FWC00200)

Picture of Netting Clips Pkt 500
Whites Wires 16mm x 2.0mm Netting Clips - Bag of 500(FWG12400)

Picture of 16mm Netting Clip Pliers
Whites Wires Red Handle 'Medium' Netting Clip Pliers for 16mm clips (FWG12405)

Picture of JAMBRO Fastener Gun
Whites Wires JAMBRO Ring Fastener Gun (FWG12300)

Picture of Jambro Rings Box 1000
Whites Wires JAMBRO High Tensile Ring Fasteners - Box of 1000(FWG12301)