Cutters & Pliers
Picture of Knipex Scalloped Jaw
Knipex Wire Cutter - Scalloped Jaw model (FKX00010)

Picture of SR Wire Cutter
Strainrite HT Wire Cutter (FKX00060)

Picture of Fencing Plier
Fencing Plier MK2 (FKX00152)

Picture of 250mm Water Pump Pliers
**2015 New**KNIPEX Cobra® Hightech Water Pump Pliers-250mm (FKX00270)

Picture of 300mm Water Pump Pliers
**New 2015** KNIPEX Cobra® Hightech Water Pump Pliers - 300mm (FKX00272)

Picture of 250mm Plier Wrench
**New 2015** Knipex 250mm Plier Wrench (FKX00240)

Picture of 300mm Plier Wrench
**New 2015** Knipex 300mm Plier Wrench (FKX00242)

Picture of Staple Puller (FKX00160)
Staple Puller (FKX00160)

Picture of Knipex Straight Jaw
Knipex Wire Cutter - Straight Jaw model (FKX00011)

Picture of Knipex Std Combo Plier
Knipex Standard Combination Plier (FKX00040)

Picture of Knipex Ergo Combo Plier
Knipex Ergo Combo Plier (FKX00042)

Picture of Knipex Belt Pouch
Knipex Belt Pouch (FKX00005)

Picture of Bahco Cutter
Bahco Wire Cutter (FKX00050)

Picture of Std Wire Cutter
Std Wire Cutter (FKX00100)